Demo Paint Booth

Hi-Tech Paint Booth

  • Can handle articles measuring 2.5 × 1.2 (c.s) & upto 5m in length
  • Can coat any surface viz. metal, wood, plastic, paper, vinyl, textiles, ceramics & glass.
  • The multi substrate coating possibility gives an ample scope for Architects and designers to harmonise colours of objects of different materials.
  • Can coat articles / substrate irrespective of for inside or outside ( interior / exterior) use.
  • Can apply any coating be it be clear, colour, metalics, pearls, multi colour, etc.

A sample list of such articles is given elsewhere. The whole spraying & curing process can be carried out in a day on ready-to-paint surfaces.

The multisubstrate compatibility can  effectively solve the worrying problem of architects and designers to harmonize colours of objects of different materials.

Click here to View Specimen of articles coated

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